We are a roofing and general contractor company with 20 years of combined experience. At JNN Contractors we pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our customers. The JNN team focuses on client satisfaction and meeting up-to-date Florida building code standards. Our goal is to maintain the quality of our work by using the highest quality materials and roofing standards/requirements/specifications/manufacturers’ recommendations.

We are trained and qualified to install, repair or maintain shingle, tile, metal  roofing, and flat roofs. Our team will help you decide what roof materials work best for you.

We Offer:

• Free estimates. 

• Emergency services.


• Repairs.  

• Replacement.  

• Installation.  

• Maintenance.  

• Inspection. 

• Shingles / metal roofing.  

• Tiling. 

• Written estimates. 

• Pull all necessary work permits 

• Written and notarized guarantee after completion of work. 

• Thorough site clean-up each day and after the job is finished. 

• Leak guarantee featuring zero deductible warranty work within 24 hours. 

• Extensive knowledge and experience to answer any questions you may have. 

• Highest quality materials with installation that meets or exceeds current Florida building codes. 

• Licensed and Insured in the state of Florida.


• CCC 1330767 • CGC 1525286